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Equipment Clothing Blazers

Gone are the days when blazers are used only by men. Women now take advantage of this look which makes them sexy and stylish at the same time. The blazer is so amazingly versatile that it can be worn on both casual and formal occasions.

Equipment clothing has both fantastic blouses and amazing blazers to match. Back in the old days, at the height of boyfriend shirts becoming popular to the fashion elite, Equipment clothing didn’t limit their fashion apparel there. They also released boyfriend blazers, which were an instant hit, perhaps more than their boyfriend jeans or shirts because of the blazer’s inherent versatility, style, and comfort.

The boyfriend blazer was considered as one of the spring / summer hottest trends of 2010. Since then, it has become an essential piece in a woman’s wardrobe. And because the blazer is easy to wear and to match with other clothing pieces, it offers a stylish look that’s classy, and most importantly, it can be worn at any occasion.

• Choosing Your Style

Blazers come in a variety of styles: They have different cuts, colors, and prints. If you decide to go out and shop for one, make sure it fits you nicely—don’t get one that’s too large. Likewise, don’t buy one that’s too tight, because it defeats the purpose of a boyfriend blazer, and people might think you’re wearing a dwarf blazer, which makes you feel and look uncomfortable.

In choosing a color, black is the most common and it is also considered as the best color to go for. However, don’t be afraid to try other colors and be creative with mixing and matching with your other pieces. Make sure to get a blazer that flatters your figure.

• How to Wear a Blazer

There are two simple rules to follow in wearing a blazer right. First, go for a slightly oversized fit, but not too much so it won’t look boxy. Get one that’s a size bigger so the shoulders are no more than an inch and a half away. The second rule has something to do with voguish detail like rolling up the sleeves, which is an essential element to its chic style. Exposing the wrists gives women a feminine impression that’s why rolling up the sleeves is one detail that they shouldn’t ignore. Try wearing blazers that has trendy prints, a crumpled look, or maybe blazers with solid colors.