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Equipment Clothing – The Shirt Dresses

A style of dress that has its roots in men’s shirts, is the uncommon shirt dress. This kind of dress is discovered in numerous various styles on the market these days and famous designers such as Equipment clothing are providing women with great collection of shirt dresses.

Fabrics utilized range from affordable cotton to outrageously priced silk. Most shirt dresses are created such that it is a loose fit on the body. This I basically so that the wearer can both wear a belt to secure it or wear it loose to give a much more casual appear. Shirt dresses also come in designs that function smaller cuts so that it better fits the body. Shirt dresses also come in numerous designs that consist of practically any colors and printed styles. The loose cut of shirt dresses mean that they are able to look good when worn by practically anybody.

This really is one of the best option of universal women’s garments especially for those with slightly bigger bodies. One can find many ways to include shirt dresses in their wardrobe selection so that they better suit their styles. Other than that, you can even wear shirt dresses to semi-formal to casual events. Wearing accessories can further enhance its charm.

In fact, you can wear almost any type of accessories such as jewelry like brooches, necklaces and earrings or even play with accessories of various colors. An additional benefit of wearing a shirt dress is that depending on the method of wearing it, one can make the garment suitable for nearly any occasion. If you are travelling for business or leisure, bringing 1 in a neutral shade like cream or tan can make sure that you don’t pack your suitcase to the max. You are able to wear a shirt dress of tan color together having a pair of tan heels or pumps for an workplace day.

You can usually attempt securing the shirt dress having a tan belt of medium size around your waist to provide you with a much better appear. This look will probably be even better for the office if the shirt dress in question features a cuffed sleeve. You can even modify this look to create it suitable for even window shopping. In this case, one should wear a pair of black leggings while removing the belt.

To complete the shopping outfit, replace the heels or pumps having a pair of gladiator heels or perhaps a pair of flats. A shirt dress will also appear magnificent while tucked in a skirt. In this case, a brown or dark colored skirt will appear excellent with the cream or tan shirt dress. The best option of footwear here will be a pair of shoes that match the shirt dresses color. Another technique of wearing shirt dresses could be having a pair of cropped jeans especially for events like a casual outing such as brunch or tea. Wearing it loosely whilst cinching the shirt dress will also work excellent here. You generally do not want a color that stands out too much.

While some “fashion hybrids” are better left on the drawing room floor - we’d like to forget that jeggings and jorts ever happened! - there are a few success stories of experimental clothing mashups. Case in point: the shirtdress! It’s not difficult to see why this clever combination of two classic wardrobe essentials (the collared button-up shirt and the dress) has been a mainstay in women’s closets for decades, as the result is effortlessly feminine, always stylish, and flattering for all figures. Thanks to premiere fashion houses like Equipment Clothing.

Best Button-Down Shirts at Equipment Clothing

In keeping with the menswear trend this winter, celebs have recently been seen sporting oversized button-down shirts. (Above: Karolina Kurkova; Mary-Kate Olsen; Rhianna; Sienna Miller). I love this trend because it is undeniably classic and for some reason I find it to be rather sexy. As seen above, the oversized button-down can be worn in many different ways tucked into a pencil skirt (my favorite), over leggings, tucked into denim shorts (another of my faves), and with skinny jeans. The key is not let the shirt’s large size overpower your frame. Keep whatever you wear on the bottom fitted. If you are interested in trying out this trend, below are some button-down shirts from the top brand “Equipment clothing” options for you to choose from:

Python-print silk-chiffon shirt – Equipment’s perfect-fit shirts are mandatory investments for every city girl, so choose this python-print silk-chiffon version to meet your wardrobe requirements for timeless appeal and on-trend cool. Tuck this exotic style into leather shorts for a polished downtown look.

Diem tie-front washed-silk shirt – Equipment’s classic washed-silk shirts are a capsule wardrobe essential and this sleeveless tie-front style is perfect for spring. Team yours with bright pants and a clashing bag for a contemporary mix.

Daddy printed silk-chiffon shirt – Coveted shirt label Equipment updates a staple for spring in delicate white silk-chiffon with a beautiful floral print. Go for boy-meets-girl chic by teaming this pretty piece with tailored pants and brogues.

Signature washed-silk shirt – Fashionistas in the know can’t wait to see the latest hues of Equipment’s washed-silk ‘Signature’ shirts, and this steel-blue style is set to please. Classic and forever-chic, we think it looks especially on-trend teamed with bright pants – finish with a chain-strap bag and suede sandals for polished perfection.

If you want something that exudes sheer simplicity and sophistication at a reasonable price then you can get them from Equipment clothing. Equipment apparel have wonderful tops to choose from that will never go out of style. The color of equipment apparel tops are always vibrant and always match the elegance of women. You can get colors in hibiscus, in a beautiful aqua marine or a top that combines white, nude, and Chinese red elegantly. Equipment will definitely be a hit this year.

Equipment tops are perhaps the most versatile and most convenient top that mankind ever invented and it is something that will never go out of fashion. It’s collection is effortlessly chic with a touch of the man’s world which reflects strong attitude for women. If you still don’t have a shirt from equipment then we highly suggest that you buy one for your wardrobe.

Take A Look at Equipment Clothing

Menswear inspired women’s clothing is definitely taking the fashion world by storm. If there’s a menswear inspired top that can withstand the test of time it would be found hanging in the Equipment apparel store. Let us look back at the story of the brand that started it all.

Once upon a time in the late seventies, Christian Restoin—the longtime partner of Carine Roitfeld—married the aesthetics of Network and disco with a line of breezy silk menswear-styled shirts for women called Equipment. Throughout the eighties and nineties, they were the linchpin day-to-night item in a smart city girl’s wardrobe. There is no woman who doesn’t own Equipment clothing, the demand is crazy but then the un expectable happen. For a label to shutter because of family and business politics, as happened here, is a familiar nineties story.

But just when we thought Equipment clothing brand is over: The line re launches for Spring 2010. The classic collection of Equipment apparel became a worldwide success that made the oversize shirts an icon of the 80s. The new collection remains to be classic, has that minimalistic undertone of the brand, fusing the sophistication of the French with an air of effortless chic look, laid-back, California Style.

Serge Azria—brother of Max, owner of Current/Elliott and Joie, and now informal “guardian” of Equipment—attended both the cocktail party and the intimate dinner that followed at Indochine last 2011. “Everyone here is too young to remember the original line,” he said, gesturing at the youthful attendees around him. “But ask your mothers—they will remember Equipment clothing! And I guarantee you they loved it.” He reveals that Restoin, who remains connected to the newly re launched brand, has kept every Equipment shirt ever created in his Paris archives—all 3,500 of them. Meanwhile, the 135 new Equipment styles do the brand’s “new vintage” legacy justice and integrate seamlessly into the tailored, menswear-inspired trends hitting New York’s runways this week. That’s something mothers and daughters alike can appreciate.

The brand new collection pays tribute to the classic and minimalistic undertones of the Equipment clothing brand—blending an unmatched French style with an aura of effortless elegance, and a laid-back California style. The timeless and innovative collection features modern silhouettes, luxe fabrics that exude discreet sexiness, creative details, and a feminine touch in men’s shirts. The wide range of fabrics, prints, and styles express the many aspects of the Equipment woman: elegant, stylish, strong, sexy, adventurous, and most of all, classic.

In the short span of time since the brand’s relaunch, Equipment has already gained prominence in some of the most distinguished retail shops worldwide. The brand has, once again, forged itself as a fashion tour de force with distribution throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Russia, and New Zealand. Whether paired with chic jeans or with high fashion couture, Equipment’s versatility and prominence is unparalleled.

Equipment Clothing - The Perfect Blouse

Need the perfect blouse? The one’s where in you will look effortlessly chic and elegant but still comfortable? Well look no further because today I’m recommending you one of my favorite women’s brand – Equipment Clothing Line. Equipment is a line that has recently been revived to its status back when the line was introduced in 1975. These blouses are a must-have item for your wardrobe and had been known for its timeless men’s shirts turn into women’s shirt without losing its elegance.

In 1975 Equipment manages to take the fashion world by storm and in those times, everybody owns Equipment clothing. After 20years of success, its owner decided to close it and call it a day. After years of being gone, it has recently been revived. And today, a year after it’s comeback, it looks like history is repeating itself. Equipment clothing is taking the fashion world by storm again. Khloe Kardashia, Miranda Kerr and Kate Bosworth currently was seen sporting Equipment clothes. Other stars that had seen rocking Equipment shirts and blouses (not only once) are Kim Kardashian, Hayllie Duff, Sofia Vergara, Fergie, Eva Longoria, Kate Bosworth, Miranda Kerr and Rachel Bilson (which she wears on one of the episodes of Gossip girls).

I had been part of the craze too and had bought several Equipment clothing now (and is planning to buy more). Here are my Top 4 favorite Equipment shirts at the moment and why I love them:

1. Equipment Signature leopard-jacquard silk shirt - A style-set favorite for blouses, Equipment updates its ladylike blush silk ‘Signature’ style with leopard jacquard for the most polished way to wear animal print. Keep the look classic by tucking it into crisp white skinny pants and carrying a neutral clutch.

2. Equipment Collarless Signature Blouse - Fashionistas in the know turn to Equipment for classic shirts with a fresh twist, and this striped washed-silk ‘Vintage’ version delivers the label’s signature style. We love the bright tropical-green and navy hues that are right on trend for the season - finish yours with tailored shorts and block-heel sandals for a chic work-to-weekend look.

3. Equipment Brett fruit-print washed-silk shirt - Dotted with ripe cherries and juicy strawberries, Equipment’s washed-silk shirt is a mouthwatering summer style. Team this playful piece with a bright skirt and heels for a quirky-chic daytime look.

4. Equipment Signature Python Print Blouse - Equipment’s perfect-fit shirts are mandatory investments for every city girl, so choose this python-print silk-chiffon version to meet your wardrobe requirements for timeless appeal and on-trend cool. Tuck this exotic style into leather shorts for a polished downtown look.

Equipment Clothing Is My New Favorite

A crisp clean blouse is a wardrobe essential. This is my favorite clothing item and I’m sure many fashionistas agree with me. That is why I’m so glad when Equipment clothing line announced that they will comeback last 2011. This 2012, Equipment is my new favorite.

Equipment clothing started way back in 1970’s. Christian Restoin first introduced the classic two pocket silk shirt French label and was instantly a hit. From then the label has evolved into a cult classic and I believe every woman needs to have at least one of these beautiful shirts in their wardrobe. But after 20 years of success, Restoin decided to closed the line and take a rest. Luckily, French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld – wife of Restoin and Serge Azria – owner of Joie and Current Elliot decided to relaunched this iconic shirt company Equipment just in time for the blouse craze currently in fashion. The shirts are made of washed silk with front flap patch pockets, a collar, long sleeves, buttons through front, button-fastening cuffs, pleat at back and have a curved hem.

The new Equipment blouses they have in Equipment clothing comes in amazing colors, are super stylish and can be incorporated into your wardrobe from season to season. The Equipment Signature Sleeveless Blouse is the perfect easy, breezy blouse for summer. This blouse comes in so many bright, vibrant colors you can pretty much wear it anywhere. Now that July is almost over it’s also time to equip your wardrobe for Fall. The Equipment Signature Blouse is such a great piece to own because it can be worn a million different ways. The Equipment Signature Blouse can be worn with: a high waisted skirt, shorts, skinny jeans, leggings, tucked into your favorite jeans, etc. etc. You can even add a little extra flair to your blouse selection with the Equipment Daddy Chiffon Blouse or the Equipment Brett Colorblock Shirt.

There’s nothing chicer — and more nonchalant — than throwing on a loose-fitting shirt over a pair of skinny jeans or denim cutoffs. Fabulous right? It’s a refreshing change from all the skin-tight tanks that get heavy rotation in the summertime. Equipment gives menswear shirts a French-cum-California spin. Some of my favorite is the The Equipment Tomcat Print Chiffon Blouse ($208) is bound to offer a wild night, while the Equipment Silk Satin Olive Shirt ($198) is a sleek nod to Fall’s green trend. But my favorite is the Equipment Brett striped washed-silk shirt ($208) No winning wardrobe is complete without an Equipment washed-silk shirt, and we love this punchy striped take on the signature ‘Brett’ style. Go for a more-is-more aesthetic with color-pop jeans - pink will make a particularly hip partner to this cranberry and off-white piece - or wear it to punctuate a black pant suit at work.

Equipment clothing offers the most comfortable, soft, and fashionable blouses & best of all they are available in tons of colors, fabrics, prints AND sleeve lengths! These blouses can be worn with a variety of skirts, pants, shorts, and denim for either a dressy or casual look. Get yourself equipped now!

The Equipment Clothing Craze

If we had lived in the 1970’s era, you wouldn’t know anyone, celebrity or now, who didn’t own an Equipment shirt. And today, after saying goodbye to the fashion industry, Equipment clothing had made a comeback! The blouse is set to be a style staple for spring 2011 and US women’s. Shirts specialist said that Equipment clothing is tipped to be the choice brand. One fashion specialist even say “The brand has become a key name to know and the minimal design is becoming an iconic shape for the season The success of the blouse/shirt hybrid has come at a time when separates have never been more popular.”

Cult 1970s label Equipment has been pushed back into the limelight by its owners just in time for this resurgence. It was founded in 1976 by Christian Restoin, partner of French Vogue editor Carine Rotfeld, and Serge Azria, chief executive of contemporary womenswear brand Joie and premium denim label Current/Elliott. Equipment’s UK distribution is being handled by premium agency M&L Harris and the label has a stock service so orders can be placed for as long as the stock lasts.

The blouse is back on the buying agenda as part of a spring 2011 season driven heavily by separates, and the recently relaunched premium women’s shirt label Equipment is perfectly placed to reap the rewards. A Flurry of chic and effortless blouses glided down the catwalks in Milan and Paris in September. German minimalist house Jil Sander used the button-up blouse to inject colour on the catwalk in Milan, while in Paris, Dries Van Noten teamed loose-fit blouses with palazzo pants and Stella McCartney matched th blouse with tailored jackets.

Equipment blouses aren’t cheap though. With an RRP of about $200 and a wholesale price range of $76 for a Signature shirt to about $100 for a python-print shirt, they are investment pieces. And if you are like me, just another fashionista who wants to be as stylish as the stars and model, then Equipment is the brand for you. Many stars had been rocking the Equipment brand today and it will be quite an investment if we buy Equipment clothing to make as feel like a star. It’s the signature washed, silk finish and elegant cut that has led ahead-of-the-curve buyers to snap up the brand.

So welcome back Equipment clothing! We are all excited to what you can offer the fashion world this time around!

Equipment Clothing Reigns The Fashion World Again

Back in 1970’s it’s all about Equipment Clothing - The menswear inspired women’s shirts without losing its glam but owner Christian Restoin decided to closed the clothing line after successful year. But today, Equipment Equipment has been pushed back into the limelight by Restoin and new chief executive Serge Azria (owner of women’s wear brand Joie and premium denim label Current/Elliott). And history repeats itself! As Equipment is taking the fashion world by storm again!

Equipment clothing had been relaunched last 2011 worldwide, The blouse is back on the buying agenda as part of a spring 2011 season driven heavily by separates and casual clothing, the recently relaunched premium women’s shirt label Equipment is perfectly placed to reap the rewards. And in no time, people as well as celebrities are already getting hook with the brand.

Kate Bosworth had been recently seen on Equipment signature sleeveless blouse, Kim Kardashian was seen on its way to Vera Wang branch on Los Angeles wearing Equipment sleeveless silk shirt and Miranda Kerr was seen this week at the airport wearing Equipment blouse in polka dots. Other stars that had seen rocking Equipment shirts and blouses (not only once) are Khloe Kardashian, Hayllie Duff, Sofia Vergara, Fergie, Eva Longoria and Rachel Bilson (which she wears on one of the episodes of Gossip girls). So if you want to get the clothes that the stars wear and feel like you are a star, then you should definitely check out Equipment clothing.

Equipment blouses aren’t cheap though. With an RRP of about $200 and a wholesale price range of $76 for a Signature shirt to about $100 for a python-print shirt, they are investment pieces that everybody should have, It’s the signature washed, silk finish and elegant cut that has led ahead-of-the-curve buyers to snap up the brand. You can buy Equipment clothing in their official website today at or in other retail stores online.

The brand has become a key name to know and the minimal design is becoming an iconic shape for the season. The success of the blouse/shirt hybrid has come at a time when separates have never been more popular. It will surely be more popular this year especially that the casual look is being the choice of all women. So fashionistas, don’t be left out!

Recently, I’ve bought Equipment shirts a wide palette with bright colors as well as neutral shades. So for all my fashionista readers out there who doesn’t own Equipment clothing yet, buy one now. The rich history of Equipment shirts plus its glam and comfortable look is a must have for everybody’s wardrobe.

Fashion Addicition – Equipment Clothing

I’m currently addicted to Equipment shirts nowadays! It’s so chic and glamorous yet really comfortable. To all of you who doesn’t own Equipment clothing yet, I strongly recommend that you get one as soon as possible. Equipment clothing, characterized by its refined tailoring and timeless allure had been capturing the taste of fashionistas all over the world.

Equipment clothing started way back in the 1970’s. The menswear inspired women’s shirts (without losing its glam) became a worldwide success quickly and had been around for 20years. Everybody, celebrity or not owns an Equipment shirt in those years. Seriously, I can say that I have a lot of friends and all of us have a bunch of Equipment shirts on our wardrobe. But the owner of the clothing line decided to quit after a successful run. Luckily, today Serge Azria, the owner of the successful fashion lines JOIE and Current/Elliot re-launched Equipment clothing.

In the short time since the brand’s relaunch, Equipment has gained a prominent presence in some of the Most prestigious retail locations around the world. With distribution throughout North America, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. The brand has, once again, torged itself as a stronghold In fashion world. Whether merchandised with premium denim or sitting alongside couture, Equipment’s versatility and strength is ever-present.

Here are my Top 3 favorite Equipment shirts as of the moment:

1. Equipment Printed silk-chiffon shirt - Splashed with lemons, limes and bold red roses, Equipment’s printed silk-chiffon shirt is a zesty take on this season’s motif mania. The fluid style will make a hip addition to your day-to-night wardrobe - team it with lemon hued jeans for a fresh spring look and black accents for that finishing touch.

2. Equipment Sleeveless Signature - Equipment’s signature sleeveless washed-silk shirt gets a bold new-season makeover in a bright papaya hue. Wear this vibrant style with pastel jeans for the freshest color combination.

3. Equipment Signature Blouses in Lemon - Equipment’s sophisticated washed-silk shirts have become modern wardrobe must-haves, and we love this lemon crepe de chine style for the chicest way to wear bright color. Contrast the zingy hue with white shorts and tan accents for a standout summer look.

As you can see, to maintain the quality and simplicity of the brand, Equipment clothing had chose to specialize in shirts and nothing but shirts - letting the product speak for itself rather than laboring under delusions of grandeur. I am now ready to collect as many Equipment shirts as I can, starting today!

Equipment Clothing – Bring Me Back To The 70’s!

If I have a time machine, I would definitely want to go back to the 70’s. The 70’s era is where my favorite comic book “Archie” had started, my favorite TV show “Bewitched” had aired and more importantly, fashion in the 70’s era is crazy and amazing at the same time! With sophisticated yet comfortable blouses, flappers and tunics, you can see that the 70’s era brought a lot in the fashion table. The styles never die. It is making a comeback every now and then, especially this 2011!

Back in 1975, women’s fashion was on a roll, driven by a flourishing yet cautious ready-to-wear industry. Smocks, blouses and tunics were all the rage, these and many more had been the flurry of silhouettes that Christian Restoin would set out to revolutionize.

Having a distinct taste level and discerning eye for style and drawing an inspiration from American fils of the 50s, from stars such as Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall (Who became one of his clients), Restoin introduce men’s shirts turn into women’s shirt with the launch of his brand Equipment - transforming a men’s classic into an item of women’s clothing with glam appeal. Straightforward yet innovative, it didn’t take too long before Equipment clothing had been a recognized name amongst the fashion elite. And the rest is history.

After enjoying twenty years of the brands success, Restoin moved on and closed the brand. Some says he just got tired and just want to have a peaceful family life, some says he is wishing to pursue another phase in his career while other says that he give up to give way for his wife’s career which is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine today. Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure, people want more.

Luckily for us fashionistas, we had been blessed by another fashion mogul - Serge Azria. Azria a visionary and well known name in the fashion industry, who also owns the successful and very lovable fashion lines JOIE and Current/Elliot re-launched Equipment clothing brand in 2010 as CEO and Creative Director. The new collection recalls the classic, minimalistic undertones of the Equipment brand. Fusing unparalleled French sophistication with an air of effortlessly chic. Laid-back, California style. Timeless and innovative, the Collection features modern. Androgynous silhouettes, discreet sexiness. Luxe fabrics, unexpected details And feminine riffs on men’s shirting. The range of prints, fabrics and silhouettes negotiate the many facets

Of the Equipment woman: she is strong chic, elegant, adventurous, sexy and is above all, classic.

And ever since the brand was re launch, it has gained its steady followers again (including me). Indeed Equipment clothing will remain for many years again. I encourage all the ladies out there to shop for Equipment clothing today and experience 70’s fashion at its best with a touch of modern times. Let’s hear it for another 20years and let’s start shopping for new Equipment shirts!

Match an Equipment Top with Blazer and More

You heard us right, this is an article that will guide you to wearing your favorite Equipment top with a blazer and other items in an outfit. By now, you probably already know that an Equipment top is essential in a woman’s wardrobe, therefore a number of selection should be present when you feel like dressing up. This season of flowering plants and beckoning waves, we have rounded up ways on how you can wear your top with chic and trendy styles.

Taking the Blazer

The Blazer is also quite a versatile item to have in the wardrobe and should not be confined within the walls of a corporate environment. This summer, invest in a brightly colored blazer that you can also easily wear in the office. A coral blazer or a beige blazer is a safe choice.

For a hot and confident look on a dinner for two occasions, wear the blazer over a white Equipment top matched with cream colored shorts and sky high heels in nude color. You can wear a leather tote bag in romantic red and a few accessories like a bracelet or a gold cuff.

Dressing it up

An Equipment top can be dressed up easily, thanks to its uncanny versatility. How you may ask? Why, it’s very simple. You can wear a simple Equipment top in solid color over a dress while wearing high heels below. Try on a maxi-dress for that perfect summer evening wear that will make your date’s jaw drop to the floor. A gold bangle and a clutch with floral prints should do the trick when it comes to accessorizing. This look will set you apart from the same-old-cocktail-dress club goers.

A Loose Laid Back Look

Going out with friends to brunch? Take an effortless look by wearing an Equipment top that seemed oversized paired with pleated shorts. Don’t tuck the ends of the top and let it loose. Wear a pair of summer flats like something that has floral prints or has been weaved. Your hair is the key here, make it look blown out and your makeup should be nude and natural, not too much. You will have a swept look that is very easy and relaxed. Keep the accessories to a minimum as you want the air of effortless appeal.

With these looks, you will definitely conquer summer. Go ahead and go out with fresh styles out of your Equipment top.